Fun and Games at Techfest

P4/5 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Techfest last week at the Beach Leisure Centre.   On arrival we took part in the Get Set Go workshop where the children demonstrated great team work designing and making buggies using everyday junk.  The aim of the task was to design the buggy that could travel the greatest distance along a track.  As you can imagine the competition was fierce!

After  snack we then watched a science show with Scientific Sue on the theme of Potions and Explosions.  She demonstrated how everyday ingredients found in the kitchen can be used to create dramatic changes in materials, including explosions, which as you can imagine  caused great hilarity in the audience.

The afternoon ended with a workshop using K’nex where the children once again demonstrated great collaborative skills when they worked in teams to design a buggy to carry a banana.  The children showed great imagination and creativity and produced some very inventive designs.

On return to the school the feedback from the children was overwhelmingly positive and in fact they can’t wait to go  again next year!