P4/5 Ancient Egypt Experience Day

Earlier this month P4/5 took part in an Ancient Egytian Experience Day at Aberdeen University.  We visited the Zoology Building Museum where we were shown a variety of artefacts from thousands of years ago and had the opportunity to examine, handle and draw Ancient Egyptian charms and canopic jars.  We even saw the remains of a liver which had been placed in one of the canopic jars.

After lunch we then visited the Special Collections Centre in the library and looked at some copies of tomb paintings that had been donated to the library early last century.  We used view finders to focus in on sections of the paintings and attempted to make our own copies.  The afternoon ended when we designed our own medicines using the ideas of the Ancient Egyptians as inspiration.  All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  camera download 13.06.13 016 camera download 13.06.13 021