Grow A Fiver

P7 have been working extremely hard over the last 4 weeks on their Grow A Fiver projects. The formed the own mini enterprise groups and were challenged to develop a product or service they could sell or provide in order to make a profit. Each group came up with a business plan before being loaned £5 each to invest. They had to source materials and products, prepare and market their ideas and ensure that the kept a record of expenditure. During this time they kept a log of activities and all the children had responsibilities within their groups. The project finished with our selling week where children from across the school were invited to take part in Grow a Fiver along with P7 parents withe positive feedback and comments provided. This was a great success with over £950 raised and the children developing a range of skills across the curriculum.

P7 would like to thank everyone who came and supported our Grow A Fiver challenge.