Life and Ethos

Eco Group– Milltimber are the first school in Aberdeen promoting crisp packet recycling and we are a collection point for the local area. Children and the wider school community can save up crisp packets up at home and then drop them off or give them to a child to drop off. The more crisp packets we collect, the more points we gain for the school – the more points the more money the school receives!

Digital Leaders- The recent Internet Safety Day prompted the Digital Leaders to discuss cyber safety at Milltimber and they came up with their Top 5 Tips for staying safe online.

Fairtrade– The Fairtrade Campaigners spoke to the school at assembly to let everyone know about the upcoming Fairtrade Fortnight, which raises awareness of everything Fairtrade. As part of this the group will be having a Fairtrade bake sale on Thursday 28th Feb. Check back later for an update on the event.