School Activities

The school runs a wide range of lunchtime and after school activities which are supported by staff, volunteers and parents.

Running Club – Pupils in Primary 5-7 are given the opportunity to join our lunchtime Running Club.  Sessions usually take place outdoors unless the weather is really bad.  Our sessions are fun and involve a mixture of hill runs, short runs and long runs.  You don’t have to be the fastest or fittest to join, you just have to enjoy running.  It’s a great way of getting fit and helps with all sports.

Jaffa Club

Football – Boys and girls from the end of P2 right through to P7 have the opportunity to take part in weekly football coaching and matches, with parent volunteers who are qualified to deliver coaching session helping out. Matches are organised by AFCCT , which is the community aspect of Aberdeen Football Club.

Code Club – Children in P5 are offered the opportunity to take part in a lunch time Code Club, promoting skills linked to the Digital curriculum while enjoying creating characters , games and short programmes.

Netball – At Milltimber we love our Netball!
Netball Club has proved a popular choice for our pupils and is currently offered to Primary 6 and 7 girls with weekly training sessions . We organise friendly matches with local teams and take part in tournaments and leagues. The girls sessions are free and they are given the opportunity to purchase a team strip. We believe that inclusion in a team sport is hugely beneficial to our pupils in the latter stages of primary school and has proved useful in their transition to secondary school.

Spanish – Spanish takes place at lunch time and the children learn the language through songs, games, stories and role play. There are also arts and crafts activities linked to learning.